Greetings! Hear Better Centre wishes you good health in this time of global uncertainty. Please obey the health rules but more important wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water. Just in case you use hearing aid and has a problem with it , kindly call our number to keep you connected to the happenings at this crucial time. We have good back up including hearing aid batteries. Keep Hearing, keep Healthy, keep Safe. HEAR BETTER CENTRE. Audiology Clinics. Nairobi City Centre in Town House suite 406, Kileleshwa Medical Plaza Kandara road, Hear Better Centre Audiology Clinic Malindi Mall. Malindi

About Us

Hear Better Center is a hearing health provider whose purpose is to help people hear and hear clearly. This in return will improve communication and hence will quality of life especially in adults. Among young infants and young children it helps to provide information that helps in detecting hearing problems early and seeking help as well as assessing whether hearing loss and managing hearing problems.

We achieve this through fitting most appropriate hearing aids, programming and fine tuning the devices to make hearing enjoyable and comfortable

Our Mission

To help people hear clearly for meaningful communication in order to improve their personal well-being, live to their fullest potential in order to contribute economically and socially towards creating a more vibrant society.

Our Vision

To become a regional private hearing center of excellence in restoring effective communication.

Our Strategy

We provide a family centered intervention especially for children. Family support for effective hearing aid use is our goal.

Our Philosophy

Treat the person with a hearing loss as an equal partner in managing his/her hearing loss.


Hearing loss tests

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Hearing Aids


Hear Better Centre provides hearing aids to people with hearing loss to help them hear better.

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Hearing Aids Batteries


We provide hearing aids batteries of sizes 10, 12, 312 and size 675.

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Yes if action is taken early. In some cases the negative impact can be reduced. Some ways to help prevent deafness or the impact is Read more... 3 Feb 2017, 9:55


Career Musicians including Djs have a very high risk of losing their career early. Exposure to loud music over prolonged periods of time damages hearing. Musicians assess the quality of their music by carefully listening and ... Read more... 3 Feb 2017, 9:55

3rd March, 2019 is World Hearing Day. Welcome for free screening at Hear Better Center (Nairobi CBD or Kileleshwa)
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  • About 20% of the population has a hearing loss!
  • About 60% of people with hearing problems are in workforce and educational environments!
  • Almost 15% of school children have some degree of hearing losses
  • 50% of all hearing loss can be avoided through prevention!

Dad asked me "do you know what PHD stands for?"
"Permanent hearing disorder?" I answered.
"It stands for permanent hearing disorder, son." he replied

Hear Better Center
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You cannot see a hearing loss. Change in behavior is ne of the symptoms that you may be be having a hearing loss...

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